Before and After 1

 Nor-Cal  removed a tree, stump and roots, by using tarps and plywood, we can protect the windows and help keep the grindings off the lawn.

 The lawn can be patched with the same type of grass, like it never happened. We guarantee the stump won't come back. If it comes back, so do we!                         

 Olive tree in Hollister looking wild and woolly.

 This job is done annually in Hollister by Nor-Cal Tree and Stump Service.

 Same job in Hollister but in the back yard, this one is shaped like globes.      

 Clean up is always as important as the job itself.

 Camphor tree in Morgan Hill, dominates the house and yard, this tree happens to have the potential to be transformed into a smaller younger looking tree.

 My customers were very pleased that the final product was so natural looking, it was a tree inside of a tree.

This view is obstructed by Walnut and Eucalyptus trees in Morgan Hill.

Look what I found, The back side of El Toro Mt. ( Murphy's Peak ).

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