Large main limb cracked over house

This tree limb is in bad shape and hanging over a house.

From the view above you can see how bad the crack really is.

 The only way to hold it up short of a crane is to build a scaffolding where the bottom has a base and the top of the 4x4 fits into the carved notch underneath.

 Once this log is cut off the roof, all the weight of the limb will be on the 4x4.

 It's amazing to see how much weight that 4x4 is holding up, the limb would collapse for sure with out it.

 This limb is stable enough to cut a chunk at a time until you get close to the 4x4.

Once we cut the log close to the 4x4 as possible, we moved the 4x4 closer to the trunk for safety sake and started cutting the log again.

 This is the finished product, no damage to the property.

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