Digger Pine removal

This tree is one of the worst trees in my opinion, for it's lack of beauty, it's large heavy, sharp pine cones and it's sprawling heavy branches. 

 As you can see this tree was a messy eyesore, very unattractive.

 I'm glad the owners decided to remove it before it got to be a real monster.

All the stubs on the the tree must be removed before the trunk sections can be pushed off,  to prevent bounce outs. 

Digger Pines always have multiple trunks, which makes it feel like more than one tree. 

 It's nice to have so much reach and with the power pruner I can get out another eleven feet. 

 We had lots of help, the customer and I agreed that he wanted to dispose of all the branches and wood, it left a terrible mess.

 After the water wells pressure tank was out of harms way, I could let the branches go. 

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