Canary Island Pine tree removal

Canary Island Pine tree is lifting a large transformer box near the bottom of the tree, it had to go.

 This tree really has a huge abundance of sap, what a sticky mess.

 The top of the tree needed to be lowered down at about the point where I was. There are fragile items below.

 Over she goes, for a controlled decent, it's heaver than it looks.

 The top is now hanging upside down and starting to get lower.

 Now we're making some progress.

 We hit a little snag on the way down, no problem.

 This tree top is loose and on it's way to the chipper.

 The tree top was safely on the ground, and ready to be converted to chips.

 Just knock down the trunk, one small section at a time until we get to ground level .

 The trunk is getting shorter with every cut, neat picture with the late fall sun in the back ground.

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